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Baking Class

Start your day in Copenhagen in the best possible way, learning the essential skills to create traditional Danish Rye Bread, perfect Sourdough Buns and delicious Danish Pastries. You will be hands-on throughout the entire class, learning the techniques for mixing, kneading, proving and shaping the different types of dough.  By the end you will have new skills and all the methods for creating perfect bread and pastries, so you can recreate a taste of Denmark at home. Once you are finished baking, w

The Danish Smørrebrød

Come and discover the art of sandwich making, Danish style.  In this class you will learn to create the best sandwiches in the world – Danish Smørrebrød (open faced sandwich). Discover how to make traditional Danish rye bread, and find out just how important this dark, delicious bread is for the Danes, and as the foundation for all good smørrebrød.  
While your

Dinner Class

With an inspiring array of classic ingredients, seasonal foods and foraged delicacies, you will enjoy an evening of learning and exploring the Danish and Nordic kitchen. In this class you will create a three course meal inspired by traditional Danish classics, but fused with the New Nordic cuisine. This class is fully hands-on and you will be learning how to bring a touch of the Nordic kitchen magic into your own, with techniques and tips for presenting and cooking beautiful dishes. After cr



CPH Cooking Class have the perfect venue for your next Company Meeting, Conference or Exhibition. Our team have many years of experience in orchestrating small, medium and larger events. Together we can create various solutions and help with great ideas for your next meeting or conference.


At CPH Cooking Class we provide a unique space and charming environment for your company to celebrate all types of occasions, where you will enjoy excellent food while having fun with great colleagues and friends. Our team have many years of experience orchestrating small, medium and larger parties.


Want to try a challenging and interactive cooking event with your colleagues, business partners and friends? Our team building courses can be tailored to your needs, and could include learning the intricacies of baking, exploring taste combinations, or preparing and serving restaurant quality dishes.



Any celebration that is important to you is important to us. So why not make use of our unique event space for your next celebration, where our experienced team can help orchestrate the perfect event for you. We have various solutions and great ideas for making things special, just for you.


Intimate dining in new and interesting places is always exciting, especially when you are looked after, spoiled and treated in a complete different way than in public restaurants. A couple of times a year CPH Cooking Class teams up with chefs and foodies to create some exciting food experiences.


Denmark is a true gem when it comes to talented food entrepreneur’s, chefs, foodies, food bloggers and authors.Throughout the year CPH Cooking Class will be bringing you a variety of Special Gastronomy Events, which could be anything from guest chefs, joint ventures, ice cream workshop, wine tasting to a book release.



CPH Cooking Class is created out of love for everything that great food encapsulates, and what other ways to share the cosiness and best of The Nordic Kitchen and recipes with you –  than invite you into our kitchen.

At CPH Cooking Class, we have great nostalgia for the traditional Danish kitchen that have been cooked and served throughout generations, but we also feel deeply inspired by our neighbours of The North, which builds foundation to our style of cooking.

We believe interacting and learning about food are a really simple way for cultural exchange and bringing people together. By offering hands-on cooking classes followed by dinner, you will not only learn about Danish Food Traditions, but truly add on a local experience whilst visiting wonderful Copenhagen.

We look very much forward to offering you a warm welcome and a friendly environment, so join us for a cooking and dining experience whether to enjoy an intimate and social side of the Danish food scene with colleagues at our gastronomic team buildings or private classes if you’re by yourself or in a small group looking for a great hands-on cooking experience.


At CPH Cooking Class we work with the best of people from our distributors, chefs and allies.

Together we want you to taste the best of what Denmark has to offer, which is why we work with the concept of season and locality. Whether it’s a cooking class, a private or company event all menus are created by our head chef Max Beukel, who with his many years of experience always ensure freshness and great flavours.

Another key element of CPH Cooking Class is our responsibility for our planet and people. We are advocates of ecology, and therefore loves the concept of farm to table, which is why locally produced ingredients makes more sense to us.


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